Pocket Track & Frame

Standard Pocket Track & Frame System

  • High strength track and roller system with capacity to support up to 325 lbs doors.
  • 1-1/2″ Structural tubular steel frame.
  • Pocket bumper to cushion the door when opening.
  • Adjustable floor guide to help door track while opening and closing.
  • All Pocket Frames are painted black.
  • Available with arched jambs to simulate an arched door.
  • Singles, pairs, doubles, double pairs, triples & triple pairs are available.
  • Every system is custom built per order.
  • Any door size up to 4’0″ in width and/or 10’0″ in height.
  • Doors are constructed with the top rail & 1-stile 3/4" wider for even reveal when the door is closed.
  • Wider frame throat for raised moulding doors.

Soft Open/Close Pocket Track & Frame System

Hettich introduces the new Silent System damping that provides a feel of added luxury and convenience. The fully concealed Silent System self closing/opening feature carefully cushions door movement in complete silence.

  • TopLine Grant system.
  • Commercial and residential grade sliding door hardware.
  • Precision ball bearing wheels ensure a smooth, quiet and long lasting performance.
  • Self-Leveling design allows for even distribution of load for maximum performance & durability.
  • 1/2" vertical adjustment.
  • Cushioned end stops hold door in place.
  • Available for 30" wide doors up to 94" wide.
  • Available w/ 1-3/4" thick & 2-1/4" thick doors.
  • Up to a 325lb door weight.
  • Available on single doors & pair doors.